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Description of Classes

TX Academy host 4 studios. All studios have Parent Viewing Areas

All Students are Stars!
Performance Classes include parades, class fun days, and the end of the year Star Stepper Show Case!

  • Lil’ Steppers: designed for the 2 year old with ballet, dance, and tumbling combined (limit 8 per class)
  • TX Wee Steppers I: 3-4 yrs. old II: 4-5 yrs. old - a well rounded class of tap, ballet, jazz, tumbling, and baton (limit 8 per class)
  • TX High Steppers I: 6-9 yrs. old - a well rounded class of ballet, tap, jazz, tumbling, and baton (limit 12 per class)
  • Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop: Ages 6 and up, - Jazz technique combined w/ the latest moves (limit 12 per class)
  • Baton Twirling: Learn tricks and spins with the latest moves. Competition Teams are available.
  • Cheerleading: Cheer, chant, jump, tumble, & stunt with a litte dance
Skill Classes only
It is suggested that you take these with a performance class Competition Teams (Teams must take Team Prep)

Performances include parades, 2 to 3 competitions, community performances, and more.
Teams have the option to raise the money for competition fees.

Jazz, Hip Hip, Contemporay, Novelty, Pom, and more

Private Instruction (One on one with an Instructor)
        Private Lessons

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